Misa Campo Birthday

Grab the calendar and mark down this special occasion, because you certainly don't wanna forget it. We're talking about the angelic Misa Campo's birthday!

The date of her glorious birthday is January 28th, and the year of her birth was 1988. That's right people, Misa Campo is a child! Adorable!

Misa Campo Bra Size

Just so happens i caught a glimpse of Misa Campo's modeling card and was pleasantly surprised that she is labeled with a 34C bra size, i personally thought for sure she was a 32, judging from her portfolio.

Is she amazing or what, i guess the only real question is if they are real or not?

Misa Campo Dating?

Does anyone have any ideas to whom Misa Campo is dating?

You know guys gotta be lining up around the block to even meet her, so i would imagine she is constantly being asked out to dinner.

If you know who Misa Campo is dating, post in the comment section below and let us in on the secret.

Misa Campo Hairstyle

I imagine that Misa Campo gets more than enough complements about her beautiful body, but lets not over look how lovely her hair is.

Simply the most stunning natural brunette hairstyles, often mixed with blonde and or auburn high lights.

She is just a sight for sore eyes!

Misa Campo Measurements

Misa Campo has from head to toe one of the most amazing perfect bodies in the world, hands down!

But so you know what Misa Campo's measurements are?

Misa Campo's body measurements are said to be 34-24-34.

She is simply irresistible in every meaning of the word!